About me

Hi, I’m Claudio. Since I was young, I have always liked observing people and taking pictures of them.then, loving the document life, I get closer to the wedding photography and I found out the pleasure of telling stories through my lens.
Every wedding is unique and my passion is to document them, keeping things simple, relaxed and natural. Nothing false or artificial, just you as you are and your wedding as it happens. During the wedding day I prefer staying in the background, like a guest with a camera, being conscientious and discrete, and then I work with my couples with an artistic approach during the portrait session. And if you willing, I’m available for lifestyle & engagement sessions, a mini documentary taken in the place you like, with the person you love. he approach is the same as weddings, natural and relaxed, working together with you, to come up with new ideas for the session.
I’m based in Turin (Italy) and available to move abroad on the trail of new wedding destinations.
Un approccio informale alla foto di matrimonio. Una grande passione nel raccontare i fatti e le persone con le immagini, prima nel fotogiornalismo, poi nel matrimonio. Documentare in modo naturale quello che accade, influendo al minimo nel corso dell’evento matrimoniale. Dedicare qualche momento al ritratto, cercando di catturare la vostra intimità negli sguardi, nelle pose più semplici e consone a voi. Raccontare con le immagini e la luce naturale, in stile spontaneo. Con discrezione. Questo è il mio approccio alla fotografia di matrimonio.